Code of Conduct

CC39 Code of Conduct and other Policies

Costume-Con 39 is a San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Incorporated (SFSFC) event. SFSFC corporate policy requires that all SFSFC events publish and enforce code of conduct and anti‐harassment policies.

Any behavior or action that causes excessive discomfort to other attendees, adversely impacts Costume-Con 39’s or SFSFC’s relationship with its guests, its venues, or the public, violates local law, or causes a significant disruption to convention operations is strictly forbidden, and may result in expulsion from the convention and/or permanent denial of membership to future SFSFC events.

To help us ensure that everyone has the best possible time here at Costume-Con, we ask that you follow a few simple rules.

  • Share. Share the elevators, share the walkway, share the dance floor.
  • Ask permission to touch other people, or their stuff.
  • Be responsible for your own behavior. If someone says “No” or asks you to stop, respect their decision, and stop immediately.
  • If you are uncomfortable, speak up. It can be as simple as “That makes me uncomfortable. Please stop.” If you don’t feel able do so, find a convention staff member at Convention Operations and we will help you get the message across.
  • Please be mindful of pieces of costumes that stick out (such as wings, hoops, or swords) worn by you or worn by others.
  • Please do not wear costume items that can leave a ‘trail’ on hotel property. This includes but is not limited to glitter and body paint (please check with your brand as to how to properly seal it).
  • Costumes in common areas of the hotel are to be considered “rated PG”.
  • For your safety- no running or bare feet on hotel property.



Costume-Con defines harassment as: “ANY behavior that intentionally annoys or alarms another person.”

This includes, but is not limited to,

  • Harassment in advance of the convention, including by phone, text message, e-mail, or any type of social media platform (including Discord, YouTube, Twitch, other streaming or video services, or podcasts)
  • Harassment by phone, text message, e-mail, or by any social media platform (including Discord, YouTube, Twitch, other streaming or video services, or podcasts) during or after the convention
  • Offensive verbal comments
  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Following
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Sustained disruption of convention events

Anyone asked to cease any harassing behavior is expected to comply immediately, regardless of the source of the request. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the convention and possibly the hotel.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a Costume-Con staff member immediately either by approaching them directly, or by contacting Convention Operations. If you believe that there is a threat of immediate physical harm, please dial 911 or contact hotel security.


We at Costume-Con39 take accessibility seriously.  Unfortunately, we can’t make the entire con barrier-free. We are limited by finances, volunteer staffing, and reality: Sometimes the accommodation essential to one person (a helper animal, for example) is a barrier to another (those allergic to animals). Let us know, please, if you encounter difficulties or if you can offer suggestions or help.


Costume-Con39 is a public event. Members may be photographed, recorded, or filmed in any public or convention space. Specific events may ban photography, filming, and/or recording.  Such restrictions will be announced on the website, in the Pocket Program, and/or at the specific convention event.  If a staff member or attendee request that you refrain from recording/filming/photographing them, please respect their wishes.

Costume-Con 39 itself reserves the right to record video, audio and images of convention programming over the course of the weekend, for use in future promotional efforts for subsequent events.  Said video and sound will be neither sold nor used for any other purpose.


Costume-Con 39 is committed to protecting the privacy of our members. We use the information that we collect on our website in the following ways:

  • We use the information you provide about yourself when placing an order only to complete that order. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.
  • We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive.
  • If you want us to provide your contact information to future Costume-Cons, you must explicitly OPT-IN for us to be able to do that.



We all know that conventions and cosplay go together like bullets and guns, and weapons can be a key part of many good costumes. Costume-Con 39 encourages the creation of brilliant weapons props — we want to see them just as much as your friends do! Our venue is a public space and the safety of everybody is everyone’s responsibility, so please familiarize yourself with our weapons policy.

  • No live firearms of any kind, including CCW. Unless you are law enforcement required to carry for duty reasons, please leave your guns at home.
  • No DWAT guns or parts kits guns. If it looks like a real gun, we — and Hotel security in particular — will treat it as a real gun. Airsoft and other plastic models must be marked with a blaze orange barrel or plug according to California State law.
  • Sci-fi guns must look like sci-fi guns. If there is any question, please mark them with an orange indicator or zip tie as mentioned for airsoft above. If you need a zip tie for “peace tying/bonding” they are available at Convention Operations, but we encourage you to bring your own.
  • Bladed weapons must remain sheathed and peace tied. Bladed weapons of any kind may not be drawn in any public place at con unless pre-authorized by the convention (like sanctioned demonstrations or blade vendors)
  • Do not brandish any weapon at any time. You may know it’s fake, we may know it’s fake, but it’s bad manners and it makes people jumpy. Don’t point guns, knives, swords, ninja stars or small tactical nukes at anybody (unless it is a photo op, everybody involved has consented, and you are a SAFE distance from other con goers).
  • Unsanctioned dueling of any kind is forbidden. No play fighting or “killer tag” games. Again, we don’t want you or the innocent getting hurt. To that, no swinging weapons of any kind in a public space (see brandishing above). It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye, then it’s New Caprica.
  • No illegal weapons of any kind. California has fairly strict laws about various kinds of martial arts weapons, ballistic knives, and “decorative” blades. Please familiarize yourself with state law before bringing a live blade/bludgeon weapon of any kind to the con. Save that stuff for the Dojo.
  • Don’t act like an idiot.

Violation of any of the above guidelines may result in corrective action by Costume-Con 39 or Hotel staff, potentially including revocation of your membership, removal from the premises, and/or involvement of local law enforcement.

Many conventions in the United States are banning weapons altogether, and we think that spoils the fun. We would rather that you obey our simple guidelines and have safe weekend. It’s a fairly liberal weapons policy, and we’d like to keep it that way; please don’t be careless and ruin it for everybody else. Let’s use common sense, err on the side of caution with our prop weapons, and make sure it stays fun.