About the Convention

  • How long does the con run?
    The con programming starts Friday morning and runs until Monday afternoon. Optional tours and activities are available on the Thursday preceding and the Tuesday following.  We recommend that people reserve their hotel rooms from Thursday night until at least Monday.


  • Where can I find more details about the schedule?
    Take a look at the overall schedule here.  There are more details in each of the individual events pages as well.   There will be more information closer to the event dates.


  • What sort of costumes should I wear? Are anime, video-game or larp costumes okay?
    Everything goes at Costume-Con! There are no rules about the origin of your costume! The sky’s the limit!


  • Can I wear hall costumes?
    Of course! Please do! We all love costumes, we love seeing them and sharing them with one another. And, not everybody is interested in competing, so feel free to just enjoy yourself in a costume the whole weekend without having to get up on stage. In fact, a lot of people wear older costumes or more comfy costumes in the halls and then change to their competition costumes later in the day.  There will also be roving judges handing out hall contest ribbons to costumes they really enjoy. You might win without even trying!


  • I haven’t been costuming for very long and I’m afraid my costumes aren’t good enough for Costume-Con!
    Don’t be! Costume-Con is not some special elite club for experts.
    It’s for everyone who loves costumes, no matter what skill level.


  • I feel like I can’t show my face unless I have a lot of new costumes!
    Many people who attend Costume-Con visit from all across the continent, so a costume that’s “old” to you will be brand-new to them! It’s a good opportunity to show off your favorite costumes, or break something out of retirement for one more wearing.


  • Do you have to wear costumes to attend the con?
    Not at all, nobody will require you to be in a costume just to attend.


  • Can I wear purchased/commissioned costumes?
    When not in competition, yes. Whatever you have, whatever you want!
    We only ask that purchased and commissioned costumes are not entered in any of the masquerade contests.


Getting Here

  • I’m flying in.  What airport should I go to?
    Most folks will want to fly in to San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC is the airport code).  But you can also fly in to San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK), each of which is about 40 miles away.


  • How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
    Details once we have the hotel contract signed.


  • Do I need to rent a car?
    You do not need to rent a car.  That said, there are some interesting things to see in San Jose and Silicon Valley, ranging from museums (San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles) to wineries (too many to list) and lots of other things.


  • Where do I park my car?
    Parking is available at the hotel.


  • Is public transportation available?
    Yes.  The options depend on where you are coming from.  More details once we have the hotel contract signed.


Any other questions? Drop us a line at info@costumecon39.org