Staff List

Executive Administration

Convention Co-Chair:  Jennifer “Radar” Wylie
Convention Co-Chair:  Christine Doyle
Treasurer: Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
Hotel: Dave Gallaher
Site Selection: Kevin Standlee

Radar’s Assistant: John O’Halloran
Christine’s Assistant: Diane Osborne


Masquerade Director – Single Pattern:  Dorothy O’Hare

Single Pattern MC:

Single pattern judges:

Masquerade Director – Science Fiction & Fantasy:  Lindsay Tallman

Science Fiction & Fantasy MC:

Science Fiction & Fantasy judges:

Masquerade Director – Historical:  Erik Anderson

Historical MC:

Historical judges:

Future Fashion Folio:  Phil & Kathe Gust

Folio MC:

Folio judges:

Communications and Publications

Website: Christine Doyle
Forms: Jade Falcon
Art & Design: Kimmi Allbee
Program Book: Chris Castro and Sara Bruce
Restaurant Guide: Chris Garcia


Head of Program: Christine Doyle
Head of Program Operations: Chris Marble

Stage Crew

A/V: Smash
House Manager: Em Power
Photographer: Richard Man


ConSuite: Promise Rose
Dealer’s Room: Christine Doyle
Party Floor: Aatheus
Fan Tables: Debbie Bretschneider
Fixed Exhibits: Sandy Jacobs-Tolle


ConOps Head: Lee Almodovar
Accessibility: Anne Fey