On-line Registration is LIVE!

Registration is via Grenadine, so the link will take you to a different site.  Once there, you can buy any of the currently available memberships.  You may also upgrade your membership from Supporting to Attending, but you must login first.  If you are not sure how to do that, please send an e-mail to us and we can explain it to you.

Membership categories include:  Attending Adult, Attending Youth, Attending Child, and Supporting.

Supporting memberships are for people who don’t think that they will be able to attend, but want to receive progress reports, the Future Fashion Folio, and provide a little financial support to the convention as well.

If you are a student, please contact us about a special discount code.  If you are interested in being on staff, please contact us.

Memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE.



All prices will go up at-the-door.  If you purchase a one-day membership and want to convert to the full weekend, we will apply that price to the full price membership.

Registration TypePre-Reg PriceAt the Door Price
Adult Attending$110$125
Student Attending (with ID/code)$95$110
Youth Attending$60$75
Child Attending$50$50
Friday only$45 adult, $25 youth/child$50 adult, $30 Y/C
Saturday only$60 adult, $40 youth/child$65 adult, $45 Y/C
Sunday only$60 adult, $40 youth/child$65 adult, $45 Y/C
Monday only$25 adult, $20 youth/child$30 adult, $20 Y/C