Single Pattern

The Single Pattern competition provides entrants with a small selection of commercial patterns to construct, embellish, and adorn to their liking.

The Single Pattern Competition will take place in a simple fashion-show style format. No skits or other types of detailed presentations are required; entrants will walk in front of the judges in a separate room, show off their outfit to best advantage, and then walk out to mingle with the audience while the Emcee reads a brief description of the garment.

The patterns listed are to be used as a starting point for creating an outfit. Participants may stay close to the original pattern or alter it dramatically, but the final product must be recognizable as being made from one (or more) of the patterns.

Participants MUST be a registered member of the current Costume-Con to enter or model garments in this contest. Participants may make and enter more than one garment, but each person may walk the runway one time. If you wish to combine garments into a “look”, that is allowed.

There will be 2 competition categories:

Adaptation – The garment can be modified with fabrics, alterations of style, fit, fabric manipulation, etc. The finished product must be recognizable as the pattern. Participants may modify, embellish, or ornament the garment in any way they choose, but it should retain its fundamental shape and form when it is compared to the pattern illustration(s).

Transformation – Try your hand at adapting your pattern into a completely different garment. Judging will be based on the ability to recognize the pattern pieces used – at least 75% must be incorporated.

Participants may use one or more of the listed patterns in their creation.

NOTE: Folkwear patterns are available at many independent sewing stores or online at The”Cosplay by McCalls” pattern is now out of print (the entire line was retired) but can be found via secondary sources.  The Simplicity and Vogue patterns can be bought at Joann’s or any other major fabric/pattern store.



*This is a pattern change made in April 2019, as the original choice is out of print and there is no estimate for when it will be back in print.
**Vogue reissued this pattern in 2020, with a new number.
†The entire CosplayByMcCalls line was retired in 2022.  The pattern may be available via secondary sources.



We recommend you register in advance using this online form

Some examples of prior entries:
CC30 (2012): Folkwear 151, Japanese Hakama & Katujinu

CC32 (2014):  Simplicity 4043, Mermaid


CC36 (2018): McCalls , British Military