Christine Doyle

Christine Doyle has been costuming since childhood, learning how to sew on her grandmother’s old Singer 66 sewing machine.  (Her father figured she couldn’t break it!)  While her mom made beach coverups and shirts, Chris used the scraps to make clothes for her dolls.  She quickly graduated to “regular” clothing as well as some costume pieces.  She made her first Starfleet jumpsuit while in medical school, Jedi robes and Klingon uniform (and prosthetics) as a resident, and then RenFaire costumes after residency.  She started volunteering in 2000, and since then has served as Masquerade staff/clerk/judge, Programming division director, Member Services division director and Vice Chair at a variety of California conventions including Westercon 66 (the “little hoax that could”). She served as the Masquerade Co-Director for Worldcon 75 (Helsinki) and as Programming Division Head for Worldcon 76 (San Jose). Her day job is a practicing physician in private practice in Silicon Valley.  And she still uses that Singer 66.

Chris Doyle as General Organa