Erik Anderson has 30 years experience in the costuming community:

  • Competing and winning in masquerades from regional conventions, WesterCons, WorldCon, and various comic cons.
  • Being the masquerade director for small SF/F cons as well as a major West Coast anime.
  • Acting as a judge for CostumeCon, WesterCon, and other regional conventions.

Erik is also a founding faculty member of Costume College. He works extensively with fabric, plastic, electronics, and tangentially-related costuming materials. He studied a wide-ranging set of subjects pertaining to costuming from bespoke tailoring to mask-making to prosthetic creation to new 3D printing technologies.

Some of his works include large monster construction, various historical time frames (from the Roman era to WWII), recreations from books, tv, anime/manga, movies, as well as original concepts from his sick & twisted mind. He particularly enjoys functional props and stage pieces.

Erik bridges the gap between the “traditional” costuming community, the SF/F convention scene, the cosplay community, and the horror F/X groups.