Kathe Gust

Kathe Gust is a professional librarian, SiliconWeb Costumer’s Guild’s Web Diva and Assistant Editor for the “Virtual Costumer”. She enjoys making clothing for many historical periods, and various sci-fi and fantasy genres.
She has been sewing since childhood, and began theatrical costuming for a university class.  When the “LOTR: The Two Towers” movie came out in 2003, she decided to turn her spouse into King Theoden, and herself into Eowyn, Arwen, Bilbo, and even Gamling.  She has been costuming steadily ever since, and learning additional skills such as custom leathertooling, beading and embroidery to add to the authenticity of her work. Kathe and her husband Phil have presented panels on Special Costuming Effects, The Padawan’s Lightsaber Academy, and recreating the 1963 Cleopatra Ceremonial costume among others.

Kathe Gust as Cleopatra