Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Fantasy and Science-Fiction Masquerade (F&SF) is the kind of masquerade/cosplay contest most of us are used to – any costume is acceptable, from accurate recreations to original designs.


The Historical Masquerade is for recreations of historical or ethnic garments, as well as original interpretations of historical styles. Can be serious or very silly!

Single Pattern

The Single Pattern contest offers two or three commercially-available patterns for you to use as a starting point – modify them, embellish them, use your imagination and go wild!

Future Fashion Folio

The Future Fashion Folio is a popular two-part contest! For the first part, anyone can send in original fashion designs. These designs are juried and the best are put together into a booklet (the Folio) and sent to all designers and registered members of the convention. For the second part, registered attending members of the convention can choose any design from the Folio and make it to be displayed in a fashion show at the convention.