Do you have photos from prior Costume-Cons?

We were contacted by Jack Krolak, who shared his Flickr albums for Costume-Con 26 (San Jose), Costume-Con 23 (Ogden), Costume-Con 22 (Atlanta) with us, with links below.  Be prepared to sit down to go through thousands of photos in these three sets – lots of great images.

Do YOU have photos from prior Costume-Cons that you’d like to share?

Costume Con #22 / Atlanta
Costume Con #23 / Ogden
Costume Con #26 / San Jose


  1. I have all the Costume Con’s I’ve attended (CC1,CC2, CC4, CC6, CC36), as well as every other SF and costuming convention I’ve been to since 1973.

    I also have my tutorials from past conventions that anyone can access. Feel free to peruse these.

    I don’t advertise this site on Google Search, nor do I have the photos available on Google Image Search.

  2. The Costume-ConNections website and the Costume-Con Visual Archives are now back online, as is all the data available in digital form. We are reviewing and posting additional content now and we’re adjusting the display of images in the Visual Archive. To see the title of any image, simply hover over the photo. We’re adding the titles to the Description for each image, but with over 12,000 images, it will take some time to finish the work.

    The images come from many sources, including photos as well as screen captures. We welcome offers to improve the images we have online. If you have better images or can fill in the gaps for the individuals in the photos, we very much appreciate those corrections and additions. Contact us to let us know!

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