Silicon 2021

Silicon with Adam Savage was held at the San Jose Convention Center August 28/29, 2021. Attendance was capped to allow for social distancing, and everyone was wearing a mask. The best part as a costume/cosplay group was to see how creative people were with their masks. We saw “makeup” on the masks, we saw crazy teeth, we saw sequins and bling, you name it, creative people figured out how to make it.

Costume-Con 39 had a fan table, including a green screen and a repair station.  Both were used extensively, and people were interested to hear about the event.  We also coordinated the costume competition, which was held Saturday night.  There were 46 entries in all categories.  The judges had a hard time deciding who got prizes.

  • Best in Show:  “Firebird” by Alison Fisher
  • Best Group:  “Wasteland Warriors” by Ben & Kyle
  • Best Master:  “Gundam RX78-2” by Odin Makes
  • Best Journeyman:  “Mera from Aquaman” by Sahrye Cohen
  • Best Newcomer:  “Haku the Dragon, from Spirited Away” by Sarah Fred
  • Best Technology:  “Titan Fall pilot” by Max Braun
  • Judges Choice:
    • “Alita Battle Angel” by Corrina Spalding
    • “Harley Quinn” by Emily Faz
    • “Stormshadow” by Chris Johnson
    • “The Handler, Hazel, and Cha Cha from the Umbrella Academy” by Barb Wingo, Dana Torgerson, Allessandro Riedel
  • Audience Favorite:  “Godzilla” by Jose Garcia

Some random photos from around the event – Click on the photos to see larger versions.

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