Hotel Update

UPDATE as of 12/24/2022:
At this point, we only have rooms in the hotel block available through Passkey for the 21st-24th.  We recommend you go ahead and book those first.  Then you can make a separate reservation through the Hilton* website for the 20th or 25th if you want the “shoulder” nights.  We have been told folks are being quoted $300/night, but we are currently seeing room rates of about $125-140 for a non-refundable reservation directly through Hilton (see the direct link below).
You will want to get the reservations merged, which requires calling the hotel directly at 408-453-4000.  Note, however, that often the hotel doesn’t yet have the information from Passkey (it’s sent in bulk sometime before the convention).   Be patient and if necessary, this can be fixed once you are on-site into a single reservation.
Please also e-mail with your confirmation numbers so that we can track this.
*the Doubletree is a Hilton property


  1. I have a big room with an extra queen bed. I’d like to find a person or couple without a room that wpuld like to share for 50% per night. I wanted to post this on Facebook, or anywhere else some might be looking, but I cannot find a FB page for this year. Can you help?

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