Party Floor Rules

Party Floor Rules

The party floor is considered convention space and is included within our contract with the hotel. This official policy aims to clarify how the party floor works, what you can expect from other people on the floor, and Costume-Con staff.

There is a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal substances. Any violation of this rule at a party will result in the party being shut down. There will be no exceptions! Violators may be subject not only to expulsion from the convention, but also to the Hotel’s rules regarding illicit activity, which may include expulsion from the hotel and/or the contacting of appropriate authorities. Smoking/vaping (of any substance, including marijuana) is strictly prohibited In rooms or on balconies! Hotel Policy strictly prohibits this! Remember, your room is your responsibility, so make sure your guests are aware and be prepared to direct them to a designated smoking area.

Making alcohol available to those under the age of 21 years is strictly prohibited. The party host/ess shall be responsible for carding anyone drinking alcohol. If an underaged drinker obtains a drink while you were not looking, you are still responsible. If an under-aged drinker enters your party with alcohol from another party, you have become responsible.

Selling drinks is not allowed! Selling tickets, suggested donations, or any form of upcharge is equivalent to selling your drinks. A voluntary donation box is allowed.

Please be aware of any guest who may be drinking excessively to the point that they may become a danger to themselves, others, or hotel property. Be aware of any non-threatening but disruptive behavior such as excessive yelling. Guests who cannot continue to function in a socially acceptable manner may face action from ConOps or hotel security.

The party host/ess will be responsible for any damage to the room or hotel property within the room. You should report any damage to hotel property to the convention as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances may you tamper with, disable, or otherwise impair the function of smoke detectors or air vents in the room. Doing so is a serious safety infraction that endangers the entire hotel. If they are tampered with in any way, the party will be shut down and hotel security will be notified, which may mean ejection from the hotel.

The party host/ess must be physically present at all times during their party, or inform the Party Maven of a replacement (over 21 years old) if they wish to leave the party floor area.

Music and other loud noise needs to be kept down after 11pm, especially on the balcony. While this is a party floor, this is not ‘battle of the stereos’ if you choose to have music. Doors to the parties close at 1am. You may continue socializing behind closed doors, but noise needs to be kept down.

During non-party hours, rooms on the party floor will be considered as regular guest rooms in the hotel with all rights and privileges for privacy.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Costume-Con 39 Party Floor policies, please e-mail You will be connected with Aatheus, the Party Maven.

Application for hosting a party is here

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