CC39 at Worldcon – Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon

While half the team was at Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), the other half was in Dublin for Worldcon.

There were 35 entries in the Worldcon Masquerade, about half of them novices.  The quality of the costumes and entries was impressive.  Masquerade Director Kevin Roche and his team (including CC39 co-chair Christine Doyle) made sure everyone had the best time possible.  The judges (4 US-based and 4 EU-based) had a difficult time making their decisions, but ultimately awarded Best in Show Workmanship to “Sometimes a Girl Just Wants to Feel Pretty” by Alicia Faires and Best in Show Presentation to “From The Dark” by Lance Ikegawa.

“Sometimes a Girl Just Wants to Feel Pretty” by Alicia Faires; Best in Show Workmanship

“From the Dark” by Lance Ikegawa, Best in Show Presentation

The full list of the awards can be seen in Issue 8 of the convention Newsletter.

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