Further Confusion 2020


Our outreach team has just returned from  https://www.furtherconfusion.org/ (AKA FurCon), a convention that celebrates fursuiting and anthropomorphic art. It’s usually on Martin Luther King weekend in January at the San Jose Convention Center (and two connected hotels, the Hilton and Marriott). This year there was a cyberpunk theme, and costumers went all-out with cool computer-bits and light-up gadgetry in many of their costumes.

Attendees of FurCon are incredibly diverse. They are in practically all age ranges and genders, gender presentations, races, sexualities, and abilities as far as costuming is concerned. Some people wear a full fursuit, while others might wear a tail and clip-in ears. Some wear just a mask and paws with their street clothes. Personally, I (Radar) wore my shark onesie pajamas on Saturday as the hockey team for the area are the San Jose Sharks, and it made being seated at the table to speak to folks extremely comfortable!

Incredible engineering goes into making some of the suits, from having to sew fuzzy/fluffy fabrics, making mouths open and close, eyes blink, ears wiggle, tails move, etc.. They are a delightful community and we are pleased to welcome them to Costume-Con.

This year there were 4,509 attendees, 742 fursuits in the Saturday fursuit parade. and $20,452 raised for their charity, the https://www.defrankcenter.org

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